Equipment services

Backhoe loader services

Forklift services

  • forklift Doosan G20C-5 capacity 1880kg lifting height 3m
  • forklift Daewoo G30-E3 capacity 2760kg lifting height 3m
  • forklift Doosan G30-E5 capacity 2760kg lifting height 3m
  • forklift Doosan G45SC-5 capacity 4170kg lifting height 3m
  • forklift Doosan G50-SC5 capacity 5000kg lifting height 3m , maximum up to 6m with lessened capacity

Transport services ( Lublin, IVECO, tractor )

  • truck IVECO load 3350kg - length 6m, width 2,3m
  • truck Lublin load 1500kg + two-wheel trailer transport of materials up to 12 mb
  • truck with a tilt load 1250kg, length 4,10m, width 2,10m, height 2m