Quality Policy in all kinds of activity by Przedsiębiorstwo Majnusz under Quality Management System is:

  • to manage the processes of Quality Management System in so as to make scheduled and unscheduled inspections to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness;
  • to develop plans to improve the quality of services while simultaneously securing the funds for their realisation, obtaining the opinion of a reliable partner co-responsible for the development and the future of their customers;
  • to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of employees;
  • sales growth and inreased competitiveness of services that meet the needs and expectations of the market;
  • consistent implementation of the principle of continuous improvement of the functioning of the Quality Management System, quality products and services and quality of managing Przedsiębiorstwo Majnusz.

The Quality Policy presented above is implemented through:

  • constant monitoring of the market and responding to the needs and suggestions of our clients;
  • providing service and keeping in touch with the customer after the delivery or services guaranteed in the contract;
  • development of quality awareness among the crew and attitudes towards safe demeanour by creating technical, economic and organizational work conditions and systematic training
  • hiring staff with appropriate qualifications and eligibility;
  • constant concern for the work higiene and safety as well as the environment
  • reduction of own costs and increase of the income from the company activity with an increase in labor productivity;
  • modernization of technology and the use of technical equipment, based on the development of science and technology;
  • ensurance of constant monitoring of fulfillment of obligations, at all stages of realisation of undertaken tasks, accepted and described in Quality Management System documentation, through continuous documentation of the process of realisation;
  • commitment to work with only reliable suppliers /subcontractors to ensure compliance with the expectations in terms of quality of supplied products and services.

Supervision of the practical application of the named above directions of the Quality Policy of Przedsiębiorstwo Majnusz is exercised by the agent of Quality Management System. The owner - is the guarantor of application of functioning in Przedsiębiorstwo Majnusz Quality Management System in accordance with the norm PN - EN ISO 9001:2009.